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Beetroot carpaccio

Thin sliced raw beetroot with crispy rocket leaves and roasted nuts

Tuna gravlax

pped with toasted nuts, pickle onion, orange dressing, mango, romenesco, multi leaves and peppers. $10

Ceviche a la plancha

Line fish ceviche a la plancha with fresh avocado

Soup of the day

Ask the waiter for today's special

Zanzibar traditional fish cake


Green avocado and mango bowl

with garden colorful lettuce, parsley obsessing, duo of cherry tomato, pickled onion, and chill peel.

Zanzibar style chicken salad

Chicken breast server with fresh passion fruit sauce, juicy oranges and crispy lettuce

Zanzibar style seafood salad

Tiger prawns, Calamari, Octopus tail, chili mango apple, citrus fruits, lettuce & passion salsa

Juicy beef and broccoli salad

Medium grilled beef with broccoli, carrots, cucumber and dry chilli peppers

Authentic continental feta cheese salad

WIth pickled raddish, onion, tomato and black olives

Fresh coconut and apple salad

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Zanzibar traditional curry of your choice

availible with fish, beef, chicken or vegetarian

Coconut pumpkin

creamy risotto with broccoli

Lemon and garlic chicken breast

bedding on mushroom and veggie rice

Pepper coated beef medalion

with smoked cauliflower puree, buttered fennel sauce, tomato flavoured vegetables, rosemary herbs and yellow plantain banana.

Smoked vegetable Italian ravioli

with grean peas puree

Grilled fish

Catch of the day straight from the ocean

Selection of your favourite pasta

Choose your pasta, protein and favourite sauce

Homemade tagliatelle with jumbo prawns

Grilled calamari or octopus tails

served with vegetables.

Chicken satay

with fresh tossed salad and roasted peanut dressing.


Ice cream trio

Selection of ice cream served with fresh fruits or roasted nuts

Fruit platter

Selection of seasonal zanzibarian fuits


Chocolate brownie filled with roasted nuts